How Digital Marketing is used in Elections – Be ahead always

Digital-Marketing (1)The days are gone from going house to house and distributing pamphlets. The days of loudspeakers and road shows are the things of the past. Times have changed and so has the world. Welcome to the new world of elections. Digital marketing is the new innovation of the twenty-first century.

Social media is now the core of elections. It is the strongest tool that one has and can exploit to the hilt. It is so powerful that it can make or break a party or candidate. Election time is the free for all contests and the person who takes the lead in this is the one who wins the race. Digital marketing is the in thing as far as elections are concerned. Earlier it was said that if a candidate gets forty-five percent of the votes, the chances of his or her winning is guaranteed. Now it is the other way round. If one can reach forty-five percent of the voters through digital marketing one is already considered the winner.


How does Digital marketing succeed? In the digital world, a positive run election campaign is not anything new. All candidates just agree to that. The idea is to get the message to the voters either through Facebook or twitter. This, however, does not fully establish one as the leader before the counting has begun. There are other Medias that rake up an old controversial issue to derail or sabotage the campaign. A negative digital marketing campaign can be employed to increase the chances of winning while at the same time impairing the chances of the rivals. Here are a few ways:

  • Target area attacks: It is now possible to area target the opposition in his or her own backyard. Once all that one has behind are disgruntled voters his is done and this tactic allows campaigners to go for the jugular. Once the area of the candidate is cut open the damage is done without drawing blood. This method may not get many votes for the person standing but it can definitely reduce the turnout for the opposition on the day of polling.
  • Renew attack on Opposition trusted sites: in this what the marketing strategy does is that we show something and deliver something. We all have seen huge hoardings that show beautiful villas, landscapes, lush green acres of plants and all theses serve as cookies for the voter. Having the voter blinded by this dream half the marketing has been done. For further information you can visit us on
  • Getting wicked on Wiki: all that one has to do is to post a negative story of the opposition on the Wikipedia. The world knows about it and so do your rivals. If the story hangs around for some time it will not be long before a journalist picks it up and flashes it as Breaking News. Once that is done, just sit back and watch the Getting wicked is the name of the game.

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